Minmatar Tribal Council to begin February 14th, Tribal reps to make historic convoy to Matar on 13th

By CCP Eterne

PatorOn the heels of the historic announcement of the Nefantar and Starkmanir tribal chiefs, Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor has subsequently revealed that the Tribal Council will begin meeting on Thursday, February 14th at the Great Caravanserai on Matar. Prior to the meeting, representatives from all seven tribes will make a ceremonial pilgrimage from tribal lands to Pator.

The Tribal Council is being hailed as the beginning of the rebirth of the Republic's government, which has been in limbo for four years, since Maleatu Shakor was first named Sanmatar. “The Minmatar people will finally stand on their own two feet, no longer burdened by physical or cultural oppression,” Shakor said in a brief speech. “All seven tribes shall send their representatives and we shall forge a government that is by Minmatar, for Minmatar. Together we shall stand united against any who wish to change us and make us something we are not. We shall cast off our old failures and embrace our new future.”

The Sanmatar briefly laid out the agenda for the Council, including drafting a new constitution and restructuring the government to move away from what he called “a well-intentioned but ultimately misapplied, foreign-designed system.” He gave no timetable for the resolution of the Council, giving reporters a brief chuckle when he joked, “You might not have noticed, but we Minmatar can discuss things for a long time.”

The Sanmatar and tribal chiefs are already at the Great Caravanserai and are awaiting the tribal delegations for the full Tribal Council. On Wednesday the 13th, the seven tribes will send delegations to Matar in advance of the meetings.

The seven tribes each announced an itinerary for their delegations, which will be departing from destinations around the Republic and traveling to Pator via heavily fortified ships piloted by capsuleer representatives from each tribe. Upon reaching Pator, a brief parade will be held outside the Pator III (Huggar) – Moon 2 – Republic Security Services Assembly Plant before the delegations prepare for transportation planetside.

The delegations will be departing at 22:45 on the 13th. The following are the capsuleer delegates and their expected departure points:

Krusual Tribe – Avoli Belvar – Hek

Brutor Tribe – Gifen Skalkar – Rens

Sebiestor Tribe – Silkur Insur – Eram

Vherokior Tribe – Fredur Holgeli – Teonusude

Starkmanir Tribe – Asogur Gertak – Abudan

Thukker Tribe –Muska Kaltash – Teonusude

Nefantar Tribe – Ansher Karhisen – Meirakulf