Kahah Casualties in the Millions; Deathglow Drug Linked to Attacks; Queen Zidarez Injured but Safe

By Alton Haveri

Kahah III, Khanid Kingdom – Many millions of casualities are being reported on Kahah III, and other planets in the Kahah system, following a series of chemical weapon attacks, widespread slave revolts and "pacification actions" by Khanid forces.

Chemical weapon attacks were carried out two days ago, across several planets of the Kahah system. The weaponized chemicals are reported to have been analyzed and incorporate the drug "Deathglow", a hallucinogenic derivative of the rare mineral Chromodynamic Tricarboxyls, and the mutagenic booster "Insorum". The latter is known to neutralize the effects of vitoxins used to pacify and control slaves in the Amarr Empire.

Reported as missing as the attacks took place, Queen Zidarez Khanid, consort of King Farokh Khanid III and Grand Admiral of the Royal Khanid Navy, has been rescued by elements of the 7th Asbara Cyber Knights. Queen Zidarez is said to be "injured but safe" and awaiting medical transportation to Khanid Prime.

Kahah III is under tight quarantine and Khanid ground forces, including the notorious 7th Asbara and the 19th Royal Uhlans, are carrying out "pacification actions" aimed at quelling multiple slave revolts on the surface. Sources from the Republic Security Services allege that "a wholesale slaughter is going on, with millions being corralled into the slave ghettos and subjected to artillery fire and suborbital bombardment."

The Minmatar Republic and Thukker Tribe have lodged a formal protest with the Khanid Kingdom at the brutality of the response and called for an emergency session of the CONCORD Assembly. The Gallente Federation has joined fully with the Republic's protest. The Caldari State, a longtime ally of the Khanid Kingdom, has restricted itself to a statement of "condolences and trust that the security situation in Kahah will soon be restored to normal."

The Amarr Imperial Chancellor's office issued a statement: "Terrorist attacks in the Amarr Empire will be met with the full might of the Imperial military, whosoever has perpetrated them and wherever the terrorists are harboured. The Ministry of Internal Order has determined that the recent attack on the Imperial planet of Oris is linked to the attacks in the Khanid Kingdom. The weapons bore similar chemical signatures and the perpetrators appear to be cultists and drug gangs associated with the Blood Raider Covenant heresy. They will be found and they will be crushed."

Khanid plenipotentiary representative Sa-Baron Alar Chakaid, speaking from the surface of Kahah III, also issued a statement: "We thank the Lord for the deliverance of our Queen from the unspeakable evil of Minmatar terrorists and Ammatar blood cultist traitors. While we have forcibly removed several million slaves from their illegal occupation of Khanid Kingdom property, the process of removal continues elsewhere.

"Additionally, we can now show that the earlier terrorist attack in Zirsem was carried out at the order of an Ammatar blood cultist working hand-in-hand with a Minmatar terrorist. After autopsy, it is clear several rebel operatives we killed were addicts of this vile Deathglow drug and the viral attack included components of the Insorum mutagen. We consider a link established and have passed this evidence to the Theology Council courts."

In related events, the Agency capsuleer contracting organization yesterday began offering work to freelancers involving assaults on Deathglow harvesting and refining operations sponsored by the Blood Raider Covenant.