Amarr and Khanid Holdings Attacked in Chemical and Viral Bombing Incidents

By Lina Ambre

Amarr – Amarr security forces have reportedly thwarted a terrorist chemical attack on a noble estate along the coast of the Jad-Gheinok region of Oris in the Amarr system, today. In a possibly related incident, the Scope has also learned that a viral weapon strike was carried out on a Khanid Royal Uhlans cloning facility located in Ves-Sefris region on Zirsem V, yesterday.

Local correspondents on the planet Oris (Amarr VIII), report that a "laser rifle and mortar attack" was attempted on the Varaz family estates, a noble house holding that occupies a significant coastal area of the Jad-Gheinok region of the Amarr system's second most important planet. Oris is largely the domain of the Emperor Family itself, with its land divided up as "direct Imperial fiefs" under Amarr law.

The Amarr Certified News feed briefly noted the incident, reporting that: "Security forces on the Imperial planet of Oris thwarted a minor terrorist attack." One of our local sources, familiar with House Varaz, gave the Scope more details in confidence: "Terrorists attempted some kind of chemical mortar attack on Lady Varaz's stables but the horses had been brought in from the paddocks. There were troops waiting for the terrorists and they were all killed. I heard that a couple of hounds were lost though. Got a whiff of something and went mad. They had to be put down."

Unconfirmed reports from the Emperor Family station in orbit of Oris detail the deployment of troop contingents to the surface of the planet. The Scope has been provided with telemetry showing transports from both the Order of St. Tetrimon and the paramilitary Red and Silver Hand corporation in transit to the surface only hours before the attack took place. Neither organization has commented. The Scope understands that Lady Shirin Varaz and her large family are currently away from the estate on an extended tour of pilgrimage around the Amarr Empire's holy sites.

Today's attack on Oris followed a viral weapons strike carried out on Zirsem V, in the Khanid Kingdom. Reporting from the Ves-Sefris region of the planet is restricted due to a security lockdown but the Scope has established that yesterday's assault on a Khanid military cloning facility succeeded in contaminating a large number of clone banks and genetic material stocks.

In the demesne of the Sa-Barony of Ves-Sefris, the 19th Royal Uhlans cloning facility is understood to have included a clone of their commanding Colonel General, Sa-Baron Alar Chakaid, in its storage banks, together with a genetic repository of the regiment's horse stocks. While the viral strike appears to have succeeded in its goal, it is reported that at least one squad of attacking commandos was killed, with their bodies in the hands of Khanid forces.

When contacted for comment today, Sa-Baron Chakaid issued the following statement:

"Minmatar terrorists attacked a facility containing surplus genetic materials and clone banks held in readiness for the use of the 19th Royal Uhlans. Regrettably, and no doubt with the help of traitors, they succeeded. We were able to eliminate some of these rebel filth, however, and their corpses will be put on display, reminding all of the threat from these scum and their treacherous allies.

"Naturally, our brothers in other realms of the Amarr Empire were alerted to this threat. It would seem that these insane terrorists harbor hatred of our innocent animals, as well as our good True Amarr and Khanid nobility. I am very glad that House Varaz avoided tragedy due to our warnings.

"Now the task must be to root out the corruption within Empire and Kingdom. The incident in Rens recently was clearly a case of the terrorists accidently killing themselves with their own vile weapons. If Ammatar elements were involved, as may be the case, then we must take severe action. House Ardishapur's grossly lenient handling of the Ammatar since the treachery 10 years ago must be corrected, and the lesser races removed from positions where they can damage the glory and destiny of Amarr."

Meanwhile, the confirmed death toll from the Rens Brutor Tribe Treasury chemical weapons attack stands at 23, with another dozen or so individuals still missing.