Galactic Hour News Roundup: Triglavian Billboard Takeover Edition

By Ret Gloriaxx

The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings a roundup of news from around New Eden to GalNet as the cluster's inhabitants continue to ponder the meaning of the message being broadcast by the Triglavians across stargate and station billboards.

DED Plays Down the Discourse's Claims of Declaration of War by Triglavian Collective

The Directive Enforcement Department has played down claims by capsuleer news program The Discourse that the Triglavian message constitutes a declaration of war by the Collective. Captain Oveg Drust of the DED's SARO division said, "This is typical hyperbole of the kind we have come to expect from the irresponsible group behind this so-called 'news service'. The track record of ARC Studio shows that it is really a propaganda outlet for an organization that makes a point of defying the rule of law and arguing for capsuleer rights to be supreme above considerations of safety and security for the rest of the cluster."

New Eden Public GalNet Services Disrupted by Triglavian Intrusion Resume Service on Backup Channels

Public GalNet services across New Eden have finally been restored to some semblance of normality after considerable disruption by the Triglavian cyber-intrusion that took over billboards and other communication channels to widely broadcast a message from the Collective. Backup channels have been resorted to by most GalNet content casters and FTL communications providers are exploring further measures to increase backup bandwidth and harden the security of primary FTL traffic backbones.

Escaped Slaver Remains at Large as Royal Heir Arrach Sarum Appointed Inspector General of MIO

As the notorious Khanid slaver Orlon Zashev remains at large, following his dramatic escape from Ministry of Internal Order custody on Thebeka III, it has been announced by the office of the Amarr Imperial Chancellor that Royal Heir Arrach Sarum has been appointed as Inspector General of the MIO. Formerly Constable-General of the Police and Border Forces under Empress Jamyl I, Lord Sarum has been given a mandate by Empress Catiz I to "conduct a root and branch inquisition into recent failings of Her Imperial Majesty's Ministry of Internal Order."

Semiki Station Networks Undergoing Compartmentalized Purge after Corrupted Remote Sites Cleared

Following successful joint operations in Semiki by the Ishukone Watch and Wiyrkomi Peace Corps to clear a number of in-system remote communications sites and navigation transponder beacons of corruption, a comparmentalized purge of station networks is ongoing. The situation aboard the Aliastra Warehouse and Zainou Biohazard Containment Facility stations has been officially declared "contained" and it is reported that "steady progress is now being made as the process of removal of outstanding malware infection continues". Aliastra Corporation has hailed the co-operation and assistance it received from involved Caldari State corporations as "remarkable and in the best tradition and spirit of the positive relations possible between the Caldari and Gallente peoples".

Federation Capital Punishment Ban Proposed by Bellaron Bill to be Debated by Federal Senate

Senator Suvio Bellaron's bill to ban capital punishment in the Gallente Federation has received a boost as the Federal Senate has moved it out of committee and tabled it for legislative debate by the full senate. The bill is gaining support within the Federation but observers believe the debate and voting will be close fought as federal factions opposed to change are joined by politicians representing constituent polities and states of the Federation that maintain the death penalty.

Triglavians and Zorya Continue to Trend on GalNet, System and Planetary Networks

Zorya Triglav and the Triglavians in general are still trending strongly on GalNet and local networks as a wave of "Trigmania" sweeps across certain societies and energizes subcultures all over New Eden. Responses to "Trigmania" vary from disdain among Caldari and Minmatar elites, through opportunism from Gallente popoliticos and chatfluencers, to disapproval and suppression in many parts of the Amarr Empire.

Order of St. Tetrimon Investigating Zashev Escape as Angel Cartel and Minmatar Infiltration Alleged

The Order of St. Tetrimon has confirmed that it is investigating the Orlon Zashev escape under its mandate to "investigate and rectify disaffection and heresy" among slave populations in the Amarr Empire after allegations of infiltration by Angel Cartel or Minmatar Republic agents. The role was conferred upon the Tetrimon Order by Empress Catiz I to relieve an overstretched MIO as a series of slave revolts took place across the Amarr Empire. Observers of Imperial politics suggest that the Orlon Zashev incident has sparked an internal dispute within the Empire's upper echelons that may have been brewing for some time.

Ishukone Corporation Archaeological Dig in Kaalakiota Mountains in Early Stages but Signficant Findings are Likely

With major clearance and environmental recovery work still ongoing in the CN Shiigeru titan crash zone of the Kaalakiota Peaks region of Caldari Prime, the Ishukone Corporation has repeated its confirmation that significant archaeological findings are likely but has noted that the dig is in early stages. "It's a little too soon to say more about what we're looking at in the crash zone but I can say that the Shiigeru's fall may have uncovered something remarkable," said Kuuoso Akimora of Ishukone's Cultural Capital Preservation division.

Remote Amarr System of Anath Subjected to Massive Blood Raider Attacks as Royal Khanid Navy Relieves Devastated Colonies

The Anath system in the Amarr Empire's frontier region of Aridia is reported to have suffered major raiding of its population by Omir Sarikusa's Blood Raider Covenant. On the basis of information from Royal Khanid Navy forces relieving the Amarr colonies in the border system of Anath, it has been established that the subsurface colony town of Ca'lik'bar on Anath II was totally depopulated by the first wave of Blood Raiders. Other self-contained colony towns and cities on the barren world of Anath II fared similarly according to initial reports. Colonies on the temperate world of Anath IV were also attacked, and allegedly bombed with chemical weapons using the "Deathglow" hallucinogen. Casualty reports from Anath IV are still coming and the RKN has established a security cordon in conjunction with the Imperial Navy's 7th Fleet.