Galactic Hour News Roundup: Impending Invasion? Edition

By Ret Gloriaxx

The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings a roundup of news from around New Eden to GalNet as continuing transmission from Triglavian sources indicate increasingly ominous signs of what capsuleer explorers and analysts believe is an impending invasion from the Abyss!

Triglavian Transmissions Reveal "World Ark" and Star Survey Activity

New developments in the nature of data received via Triglavian "Semiosis Conduction Consoles" have emerged, with datastreams that apparently show the exploration and surveying of multiple New Eden star systems by mysterious Triglavian scouting parties. As has been the case for several weeks, capsuleers have been receiving transmissions that are clearly Triglavian and are sharing their analyses of the data with the public on GalNet. The latest and perhaps most disturbing development has been a datastream that appears to show a gigantic "World Ark" running through various checks and apparently confirmed as ready for action. Capsuleers now seriously fear that the Triglavian transmissions, and multiple reported construction sites of these vast vessels, represent a prelude to invasion of New Eden by the denizens of the Abyss.

CONCORD Places AEGIS Division in Overall Command of Response to Emergent Threats

In a related and welcome development to the unfolding Triglavian emergency, it was announced by Colonel Kasiha Valkanir that CONCORD's AEGIS division has assumed "command responsibility for investigation and response to related emergent threats, in particular those covered by Case Green Magic and Case Red Gamma." The Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx understands the "Case Red Gamma" coding to relate to emergent threats such as the Drifters and the Triglavians. It is widely speculated that the coding "Case Green Magic" refers to activities of Sansha's Nation and that intelligence has determined the forces of Sansha Kuvakei to be involved in a struggle with the Triglavians. If true, this would suggest a three-way conflict is ongoing in Abyssal Deadspace between the Triglavians, Drifters and Sansha's Nation. However, Nation forces have not been sighted by capsuleer explorers in the Abyss and the locations of the speculated conflict remain a mystery.  

Colonel Valkanir, who is Provost Marshal of AEGIS, has also declared that she sees no reason "to place obstacles in the way of independent agencies operating within the law" regarding the Triglavian emergency. The Scope hopes that this apparent change to a more open policy will lead to concrete efforts to place more information on this critical issue in the public domain.

Calls for Noir to Be Stripped of Aidonis Ahead of Malkalen Disaster Anniversary

The upcoming anniversary of the Malkalen Disaster of YC110, on May 15th, is to be marked by a number of memorial events in the coming weeks, not least a capsuleer gathering organized by the Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive for this weekend. However, the run up to the anniversary has been accompanied this year by a reignited controversy over the Aidonis Statue that was awarded to the rogue Admiral Alexander Noir before his infamous act of terrorism 11 years ago. Calls to strip Noir of his Aidonis Statue were made in the aftermath of the Malkalen Disaster but the Aidonis Foundation ultimately decided to leave the matter as it stood on the basis of the award being made for his contributions to peace in the previous decades. However renewed calls to strip Noir of the Aidonis are being made again, with an influential op-ed piece raising the profile of these demands. So far, the Aidonis Foundation has not commented on these new calls for action.

Notorious Khanid Slaver Auctioned by Thukker Bounty Hunters

Orlon Zashev, a notorious Khanid slaver wanted by authorities in both the Amarr Empire and Minmatar Republic, has reportedly been captured by a Thukker bounty hunter group and is currently being auctioned to the highest bidder via GalNet. The Seykal Clan "headhunter", Sesli Ashok, claims that Zashev was captured by her group due to carelessness on his part. Amazingly, the former colonel in the Khanid Royal Uhlans, alleged war criminal and long-time slaver has proven to be ISK-poor and is the subject of a Republic Justice Department bounty of 500m ISK that Ashok described as "not all that" and "a bit low". Ashok and her group instead opted to auction their bounty target to the highest bidder and have apparently received bids from a variety of interested parties associated with Amarr and Minmatar factions. The auction remains active until the stroke of midnight Monday evening.

Suukuvestaa Launches New Achura Tourism Campaign in Minmatar Market

A major campaign featuring holographic displays of the verdant landscapes and ornamented towns of Achura (Saisio III) has been launched across the Pator system by Suukuvestaa's tourism division. Commuters in the Hukerenui township on Huggar (Pator III) may drive by billboards featuring Kasom Glades, and casinos on Matar's Jade Coast have started swapping classic slot machines out for Pensria Temple-inspired versions, which showcase dancing monks upon obtaining spiritually significant numbers. A commercial during a break in last night's Shifting match broadcast featured an animated Achura girl, Kanya Pongcha, smiling and singing as she skipped through the narrow streets of Chalerm township. At the end of the break, Kanya invited watchers to write down their favorite product from the Sukuuvestaa brand and send it to a specific GalNet address for a chance to win an all expenses paid vacation in Chalerm. Several audience members commented on how the character's facial features appeared to be exaggerated.

The targeted marketing effort is part of Sukuuvestaa's new tourism push for Saisio, aiming to capitalize on the recent celebrated achievements of Katia Sae, the Achura capsuleer who recently completed an epic journey around New Eden. As part of the initial roll out, Sukuuvestaa will be offering a limited amount of vacation packages, but a representative shared plans to expand the program depending on demand. In the coming weeks, similar roll outs will happen in Luminaire and Amarr.

Tragedy in Dam-Torsad as Famed Residential Aboretum Complex Goes Up in Flames

Late-breaking news reports from the Imperial City of Dam-Torsad on Amarr Prime state that a famous residential aboretum incorporating a number of noble estates has been the scene of a major blaze. Details are confused but several reports indicate that the inferno began in the vicinity of the estate of House Elkin and swept through the ancient and rare trees and plantings of that section of the aboretum complex. Authorities refuse to confirm or deny reports of arson and rioting but one eyewitness has told the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx that several visitors to the arboretum "suddenly ran amok and then exploded into fireballs". The claimed suicidal firebombing attack is then said to have started a major blaze that destroyed much of the aboretum and gutted the main palace of the Elkin estate. Unconfirmed reports suggest that several members of the noble House Elkin are missing at this time.