Federation Day YC114

By CCP Phantom


by ISD Oriana Falere

Dodixie, Sinq Laison - The date for the 5th annual Federation Day has been announced.

The Gallente festivities will be taking place arround the populated Dodixie IX - Moon 20 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant station, showcasing a number of entertaining proceedings. The host of the evening will be Alain Colcer, who will be returning once more after hosting the event the previous three years.

The plan of events includes the return of the popular Ship Parade, which will be a procession of the Federation's Navy class vessals progressing around the system in a "conga line" fashion.

Another event returning is the "Mister Federation" competition, due to its popularity, where Gallentean males will show off their looks and patriotism and be judged accordingly.

There is reportedly the new addition of a "sexiest female capsuleer" contest, similar to the "Mister Federation", which sees female capsuleers rewarded for their looks and appearance. The inclusion of this particular event itself has attracted some negative response by female capsuleers, such as CEO of investment corporation Nisaba Syndicate, Aelisha, who commented on its "disgusting, sexist objectification of women".

Throughout the evening live musical entertainment will be supplied by the Mixed Metaphor corporation through capusleer radio broadcasts.

The evening is set to be concluded with a fireworks display from an explosives crew utilising the power of missiles at a predicted, but not confirmed, time of 21:00.

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