Caldari Navy confirms attack on border region staging facility

By CCP Falcon

OTSASAI – Rumors of an attack on a Caldari Navy shipyard in the Northenmost constellation of Lonetrek were confirmed this afternoon in a release made by newly appointed Caldari Navy Caspuleer Liaison, Wing Commander Hikemi Korrado.

Korrado confirmed that “after a sustained firefight, a number of as yet unidentified assailants were able to commandeer over a dozen vessels, including one Wyvern-class supercarrier and a number of Chimera-class carriers”, before stating that “the fate of these vessels remains unknown after they were jumped from the facility into a system in lower Tribute.”

She elaborated further on the attack, claiming that “such swift action was only achieved after the assailants flooded the facility with non-lethal “TS-19” Zainou designed nerve gas usually used as a last resort in riot control.”

When pressed for comment regarding the number of vessels seized and potential motives for the action, Commander Korrado declined to comment further, simply stating that “investigations are ongoing at this moment in time, and the Caldari Navy has no further information to release at this point.”

It is believed that no fatalities were caused during the attack, however details of a number of minor injuries have surfaced as Zainou staff arrived on site with stockpiles of TS-19 antidote to treat the affected service personnel.