Amarr Third Fleet Admiral Speaks Out On ‘Purity Of The Throne’

By Lina Ambre

DIADERI – In a surprise move by the Amarr Navy’s Office of Press, The Scope was granted an exclusive short notice interview with Grand Admiral Ren Karetta, commander of the Amarr Navy’s Third Fleet this evening.

Speaking during a short break after an inspection tour of shipbuilding facilities in orbit of Diaderi II, Admiral Karetta expressed his “utter delight” at the news that Capsuleers have taken up arms against Purity of the Throne Insurgents, branding the organization targeting the Imperial Guard as “an utter embarrassment to all those of Amarr heritage” and a “significant threat to the sanctity and security of the Amarr Empire.”

The forty-five-year veteran of the Amarr Navy further praised capsuleer efforts, stating that “while some may fear Empyreans, and hold a reserved and guarded view of those who operate as independent capsuleers, it cannot be ignored that they are a force to be reckoned with, and when harnessed correctly, can be an incredibly valuable ally.”

When questioned regarding the short notice inspection of facilities in Diaderi, Admiral Karetta appeared to be keen to assuage concerns regarding security, saying that “on my return from business in Yulai, where coincidentally, I had the pleasure to speak with several members of the Council of Stellar Management this week, I felt it prudent to take a short detour in order to inspect the progress on several dozen vessels of the Third Fleet that are currently gravdocked here. Routine refitting inspection, that’s all.”

In his closing remarks, Admiral Karetta lauded the incredibly efficiency of capsuleers in assisting to deal with the Purity of the Throne, before quipping “perhaps we’ll nano-coat the refitted vessels in white for a while, in celebration of the ascension of Empress Catiz.

The Amarr Navy highly encourages capsuleers who have taken up arms against Purity of the Throne to wear their colors in defiance of such unclean goals, and as a symbol of unity, celebration, and support for Empress Catiz.”

Initial reports indicate that Purity of the Throne continue to operate in various locations across the cluster, with the Amarr Navy issuing frequent telemetry updates on known locations.