Test Server Rules

By CCP Habakuk

The public test server for EVE Online is named Singularity, and its primary purpose is to test upcoming features and changes for the game. The central system for players to gather on Singularity is M-OEE8.

Below is the set of official rules that everyone using the Singularity test server is expected to follow at all times:

General rules

·        No interfering with the work of CCP staff or volunteers.

·        Combat by consent only, except in the designated combat system (M-OEE8).

·        Do not ask CCP Developers, GMs or volunteers for skills, ships or items.

·        Players are forbidden from taking any action that can affect the server stability and performance, such as:

o   No mass-dropping of items in space (structures, warp bubbles, shuttles, POS modules etc).

o   Do not make purchases from the market en mass. Buy only what you need.

o   Do not mass refine large numbers of ships or items.

·        Selling items on the Test server for ISK on TQ is not allowed.

·        No politics on the test server. Leave your Tranquility conflicts behind when you log on to the test server.

·        The EVE Online Terms of Service and the EULA apply on the test servers as well.


Combat systems (M-OEE8) specific additional rules

No AoE warp inhibiting modules at the gates, and the CCP-owned structures (within 500 km).


Rules concerning Sovereignty and player-owned infrastructure

The first person to claim sovereignty in an unclaimed system is entitled to hold sovereignty in that system until the claim becomes invalid.

Exceptions from the above rule: If the sovereignty claiming is done with malicious intent, i.e. to disrupt other players' testing, the right to sovereignty is void.

Claiming or challenging sovereignty in a system already claimed by another alliance is not allowed without consent.

The rule concerning non-consensual combat includes all structures (including POS and Upwell structures). Do not attack structures without permission from the owner!



Breach of the rules may result in disciplinary actions on Singularity and Tranquility server, up to a permanent ban (including alt accounts).

If you witness a player breaking the rules on the Singularity Test Server, please report them by sending an email to the Customer Support department at support@eveonline.com with a detailed description of the incident and any supporting evidence that can help with the investigation.