Singularity Player Commands

By CCP Habakuk

There are several special slash commands available for players on Singularity, to make it easy to test something without having to spend too much time with setup. For using these commands just type them with a leading / into a chat channel.

Currently active commands


This command allows you to move your character to a list of defined destinations. The command is blocked while having an active PvP log-off timer in space. Dock up or wait out your log-off timer and you can use it again.

Usage: /moveme  -  a popup window will appear with the list of valid destinations.

Currently active destinations (subject to change):

  • M-OEE8 (main combat system)
  • FD-MLJ (mass test system)
  • Jita, Amarr, Rens, Dodixie: empire trade hubs
  • Thera: WH hub
  • J124504: C6 system with red giant effect
  • J152820: C5 system with pulsar effect
  • J171225: C4 system with black hole effect
  • J001348: Shattered C3 system with cataclysmic effect
  • J122137: C2 system with magnetar effect
  • J000528: Small shattered system with wolf-rayet effect


This command compares your skills on Singularity with a daily snapshot of TQ and adds the missing skills and skill levels to Singularity.

Usage: /copyskills

Note: Only completed skill levels are being copied. A skill level is only marked as fully completed after a login with your character. The snapshot from TQ is being taken in the middle of the night (GMT). This command is blocked for 14 days after using a skill extractor


Boosts the sovereignty claim time and the development indices of the current system to allow usage of all upgrades.

Usage: /boostsov


Boosts the standings of several NPC entities towards your character to +10. This includes most NPC factions and if you are docked in a NPC station it also includes the owning corporation and the agents in this station. This should help a bit with testing missions.

Usage: /booststandings