Wiyrkomi, Lai Dai Add to Teams as Second Round of Qualifiers Kicks Off

By Svarthol
Four speed demons last Sunday made it to the final teams of megacorporations Wiyrkomi and Lai Dai in the Caldari State's monumental sporting event, the COLOSSUS Championships.

In the former race, contestants Nelno and Lord Azraiel sped through the finish line first to join last week's winners, Trooper B99 and Jeffrey Lebowski, on the Wiyrkomi team, while the latter saw racers Alewood KJ and bsspewer take their place on the Lai Dai team's roster.

As the corporations' teams slowly come together, sports analysts have begun to speculate as to what kinds of tactics will be favored by the differing teams for the final race. Trooper B99's role on the Wiyrkomi team, for example, is widely rumored to be a combative one, so other teams are reportedly keeping special tabs on him, planning to assign special guardians to him while making sure their own key finishers are able to race ahead without incident. Tactical twists and turns like these are expected to continue as the teams finish settling into place.

"It's like some infernal mix of chess, war and the marathon," said Fernand Muirria, State Mirror sports analyst, yesterday.

Tonight's qualifier, for the Nugoeihuvi Corporation, kicks off at 19:00.