Upwell criticized by Inner Circle after Serpentis Raids

By Lina Ambre

YULAI – The Upwell Consortium has been the target of harsh criticism during an open Inner Circle session on Interstellar Security today.

Speaking on behalf of the Society of Conscious Thought, as the Jove Empire delegate to the CONCORD Assembly, Elder Mentor Matshi Raish questioned the motives of the Upwell Consortium after it was revealed that the organization acquired a significant number of blueprints, research components and construction components from raids on several Serpentis Corporation installations over the course of the last few days.

Believed to have been carried out by Intara Direct Action and the Ostrakon Agency, these raids have primarily focused on Serpentis shipyards that were rumored to be constructing a new breed of capital ships bearing similarities to Gallente designed vessels of the same classes.

In a hard hitting statement from Raish, which drew agreement from the other four empire delegates to the Inner Circle, he encouraged Upwell to hand over all materials that have been recovered from the raids to the Directive Enforcement Department, before alluding to the fact that he may push for economic sanctions against the consortium and its member corporations should they fail to comply with the request.

When approached for comment after the conclusion of the session, Elder Mentor Raish declined to comment further, referring the press to his earlier statements during the Inner Circle session. All four other delegates similarly declined to comment outside the Inner Circle chamber.