Upwell Consortium Hails Capsuleer Research Effort as Citadel Prototype Construction Resumes

By Lina Ambre

FD-MLJ, Syndicate – Special Accounts Manager Lee Brinalle provided an update on the Upwell Consortium prototype citadel construction project in a short briefing today. Hailing the efforts of capsuleers supplying rare and sophisticated research components for Upwell's Astrahus-class citadel construction project, Lee Brinalle noted that already she had received enough components to guarantee Astrahus BPCs for two lucky winners in the draw that Upwell will be holding.

"I want to thank and commend our capsuleer community. We've seen the real face of the future builders and colonizers of the deep reaches of space with the research component project. I have been amazed at the response and I am looking forward to being able to award more Astrahus BPCs and, perhaps, if the efforts continue at this pace, to rewarding one lucky capsuleer collaborator with a Fortizar BPC!"

Taking questions, Lee Brinalle was asked about the security of the construction sites and if Upwell had any response to the latest demands by "The OSS", an independent capsuleer alliance that featured heavily in the destruction of the sites a few days ago.

"Security has been enhanced over and above the original levels and we have been assured by the Upwell Department of Friendship and Mutual Assistance that all traces of the illegal AI virus introduced into the original sites' systems have been purged from our constructors. As for the renegade alliance you refer to, they have had a clear response from us and their demands are absurd. If there is doubt, let there be none, we will use every tool at our disposal when it comes to dealing with criminals and gangsters that attempt to block progress towards the World of Tomorrow!"