Upwell Consortium Citadel Construction Project Begins Amidst Promotional Extravaganza

By Lina Ambre

OURAPHEH – The Upwell Consortium's Citadel product line takes another major stride forward today, as the space industrial giant launches its prototype construction project in five systems of New Eden. In a combined promotional and resources acquisition effort, Upwell are calling on capsuleers, their anticipated primary market, to assist in the collection of research components for use in the construction of the five Astrahus-class citadel prototypes.

At a launch event in Ourapheh, held aboard his personal Victorieux Luxury Yacht, Upwell Chairman Yani Sar Arteu made a short speech celebrating the commencement of the construction efforts: "Friends, let me welcome you to the World of Tomorrow! We are at last realizing the dream of truly building cities in space. Not for the World of Tomorrow the halting progress represented by a starbase here, or a station there! No, for the World of Tomorrow we will make it possible to colonize space with great citadels that will shine out as beacons for all! To the captains of New Eden's future, and to the World of Tomorrow!"

The Upwell prototype construction project will place Astrahus citadels in five systems across New Eden: Ourapheh, Anjedin, Asgeir, Mara and PF-346. The research component collection effort is being co-ordinated by the Intaki Bank's Lee Brinalle, an experienced special accounts manager. Capsuleers who take part in the research components effort will have the chance to obtain limited run blueprints of the Astrahus citadel and even, in the event that the effort is spectacularly successful, a shot at a limited run blueprint of Upwell's even more impressive Fortizar citadel.

Upwell sources are promising spectacular sights as the process of construction progresses and the consortium continues to exude confidence, with its partner corporations experiencing positive market listings, regardless of political concerns in some circles.


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