Upwell Consortium Celebrates Deployment of First Privately Owned Citadels

By Lina Ambre

X-BV98 – Executives at the Upwell Consortium expressed their delight at the construction of the first wave of Astrahus-class Citadels in a press conference this afternoon, after the structures began to sprout up across New Eden in a frenzy of construction over the course of the weekend.

Speaking from Intaki Bank headquarters during a meeting of the Consortium’s executive personnel, Lee Brinalle, Special Accounts Manager at Intaki Bank, spoke on behalf of the organization’s leaders, declaring that “our cluster is witnessing the dawn of a new age. An age of prosperity and stability the like of which we have never seen before.”

Ms Brinalle thanked the constituent corporations that form Upwell for their efforts in ensuring the rollout of blueprints and onlining of the fluid router support network for the new structures went as smoothly as possible. She also remarked that “the Upwell Consortium is incredibly proud to be delivering on our promise of a brighter tomorrow, providing the tools and technologies for established and aspiring entrepreneurs across the cluster to build their dreams. These Citadels, while an incredible feat of engineering, are but the foundations of what is still yet to come. We are very eager to continue working with independent capsuleers across the cluster, in the hope that together we can continue to work toward a brighter and more prosperous future for all.”

In her closing remarks, Ms Brinalle also confirmed that all blueprints that were promised as rewards to capsuleers for their assistance with retrieving stolen research data have been issued, and that clothing which also formed part of the rewards is currently being manufactured, with a distribution date still to be set before the end of May.