Two more Provists slain in Torrinos

By CCP Eterne

Torrinos - Ina Okonada and Aikabinen Unijila, two Provist commanders piloting stolen Caldari Navy Phoenix-class dreadnaughts, were killed in Torrinos today by a force just shy of 400 capsuleers. Despite the losses, several high-value capsuleer ships were lost in the fighting, including a Tengu and a Kronos.

Despite the capsuleer losses, the Provist forces lost even more, as 4 stolen Raven Navy Issues were also destroyed by capsuleer forces. The Caldari Navy is calling the operation a victory, saying, "The mutinous 'Octopus' squadron defectors are learning the folly of their ways. Capsuleer forces stand behind the State, not the fallen regime of Tibus Heth."

Unijila's Phoenix was finished off by Stanton Warrior, while the top damage was dealt by Dania Arneth, and the pod destroyed by Krimsy. Top battleship damage was claimed by Memsi Craft, top battlecruiser damage was dealt by Bussinka, Xenias Gigawatt claimed top cruiser damage, Cthu Xadi dealt the most destroyer damage, and top frigate was KamchatkaALEX. Okonada's destruction was completed by Toxic Fallout, whiue Ybivashka claimed top damage, and the capsule was finished off by Rose Valora. Top battleship was Pure Alar, top battlecruiser was Roberts Ohioan, top cruiser was Super General, most damaging destroyer was Saltrock0000, and most damaging frigate was Rainbow Dash.