Tsatei Uppas killed by capsuleers in Samanuni

By CCP Eterne

Samanuni - Capsuleers located and killed Tsatei Uppas, a former "Octopus" squadron commander and member of the rogue Provist wing that recently absconded with several Caldari Navy capital ships. Uppas, guarded by three other defectors from the "Octopus" squadron flying stolen Scorpion Navy Issues, was downed by a fleet of roughly 200 after a 30-minute firefight around the tenth planet in the Samanuni system. Uppas himself was flying a Chimera.

"It is a moment of great justice for the Caldari State," said Wing Commander Hikemi Korrado. "We will not allow these perpetrators to go unpunished. Their executions will stand testament to the strength and unity of the Caldari people."

According to public kill records, IceGuerilla scored the final blow on the carrier, while Phoenus was responsible for dealing the most damage. Gorski Car claimed the kill on Uppas's pod. Don't Shootmeplz managed top battleship damage, Freakus was responsible for the top battlecruiser damage, BlakPhoenix took top cruiser, Saltrock0000 was most damaging destroyer, and Rainbow Dash was top frigate. The Navy is still awaiting delivery of the corpse of Uppas.