Trooper B99, Jeffrey Lebowski Triumph in Wiyrkomi Qualifier 1

By Svarthol
As Day 2 of the COLOSSUS Qualifiers draws to a close, the first two members of the Wiyrkomi Corporation's Final team are on the score card: Trooper B99 of the Zoners and Jeffrey Lebowski of Imperial Dreams.

Spanning 34 jumps and ending up deep in the bowels of the Catch region, tonight's race saw the two winners go toe-to-toe for much of its duration, leaving most of the other contenders in the dust. At the qualifier's halfway mark, as the route veered off into HED-GP, the racers were confronted with a Shinra blockade. Details are sketchy at time of going to press, but unconfirmed reports state that some contestants may have been shot down and pod-killed by the Curse Alliance corporation. More details on that as the information is confirmed.

Race organizer Utaro Ziilikam had a few words with the two winners after the race:

Utaro Ziilikam: Congratulations to both of you on qualifying for the finale. Do you have any words you wish to say to the press?

Trooper B99: Jeff, after you, lad.
Jeffrey Lebowski: I'll just say it was an honour flying in this race, and I hope I will do even better in the Finals. For Wiyrkomi! Trooper, all yours.
Trooper B99: I'd like to thank the honourable Wiyrkomi Corp for allowing me to fly, my employer, and of course Zoners and the lads of CA. And last but not least, my gallant competitors. You were great!
Jeffrey Lebowski: Indeed they were. Thanks, guys.
Trooper B99: Aye - and, of course, my new team mate, Jeff. I'm sure we're going to have a blast.

Utaro Ziilikam: That's great - Congratulations once more, guys.

Tomorrow's highly anticipated qualifier, the first of five for the Kaalakiota Corporation, begins at 22:00 EVT.