Tribal Council delegates arrive in Pator amidst fanfare, fireworks, and hostilities

By CCP Eterne

Pator – The delegates of the seven Minmatar Tribes were welcomed to Pator by Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor at 23:00 EST on Wednesday night, as supporters came out in droves to celebrate the first Tribal Council in over a thousand years. The delegates all arrived safely, albeit not without attempts made on their lives by a number of foes.

Each delegate, flying Tempests Tribal Issue, departed from a system with historical importance to their tribe around 22:45 and made their way toward Pator. The delegates all received warm welcomes from the majority of capsuleers, particularly Minmatar loyalists such as Electus Matari and former members of Ushra'Khan and Namtz'aar K'in, who formed ad hoc escort fleets for the delegates. The delegates shared kind words with their escorts as they proceeded to Pator.

Once reaching Pator, they traveled to the Pator III – Republic Security Services Station and proceeded to enact a fireworks display for nearly half an hour while Sanmatar Maleatu Shakor delivered a rousing speech. “Your arrival heralds a new age for the Matari people and for the Republic,” the Sanmatar said. He went on to say, “Today, and in the coming years, is the Matari people's turn to shine.”

Shortly after the speech ended, the delegates docked in the station for further transport to the Great Caravanserai on Matar, where the Tribal Council will be held.

The event was not without controversy, however. The Nefantar delegate was repeatedly harassed verbally by members of the Murientor Tribe, a capsuleer organization composed of radical Minmatar. The group repeatedly berated the Nefantar as race traitors and warned them against entering Pator, despite the calls from the other representatives for unity and peace.

Additionally, noted 24th Imperial Crusade alliance Fweddit and the well-known political rabble rousers Goonswarm attempted to waylay the delegates in Pator, Gyng, and Eystur by utilizing suicide tactics. However, neither alliance was able to destroy a delegate's ship thanks to their utilization of prototype CONCORD modules (which were reportedly returned to CONCORD after the event).

After the proceedings were over, many Amarr loyalists from groups who came to witness the event began preaching openly in local. The traditional arguments between Amarr and Minmatar supporters then flared up.

Despite these events, Minmatar remain in high spirits. Said one loyalist, “We have high hopes for this Tribal Republic.”