Tibus Heth offer of Caldari aid to Sebiestor Tribe rejected

By CCP Eterne

New Caldari – Tibus Heth has offered the Sebiestor Tribe access to Caldari medical technology for the treatment of comatose Tribal Chief Karin Midular, but has been turned down after “careful deliberation” by tribal leaders.

In a public statement, Tibus Heth offered “the full swath of Caldari medical expertise to the Sebiestor Tribe in order to bring about a positive resolution to this terrible tragedy.” He went on to say, “Unlike some others, the Caldari State treats well those who might be its friends. And though the Minmatar Republic and Caldari State have been at odds in the past, it is time to look beyond those differences and work together.

“To that end, I wish to offer the Sebiestor Tribe full access to the best doctors and technology in the Caldari State. We have the greatest minds of the cluster available to us and I will stop at nothing to see they provide safe passage to Karin Midular through her ordeal.”

The Sebiestor Tribe spent the better part of the day deliberating the offer, eventually rejecting it. In a statement, the leaders of the tribe said, “We appreciate the offer by Executor Heth. However, the Sebiestor Tribe has decided to reject it. Caldari doctors and medical science may be advanced, but Minmatar doctors are more familiar with the intricacies of Minmatar physiology. We believe that Minmatar continue to give her the best chance for survival.”

As of yet, Tibus Heth has made no response to the rejection of his offer.