Tibus Heth attacks Federation in speech

By CCP Eterne

New Caldari – In a public address given to Caldari Providence Directorate activists, State Executor Tibus Heth this afternoon delivered what has been characterized as a “disjointed, rambling attack on the Federation.” His speech touched on the recent tensions between the Federation and Minmatar Republic and the demilitarization of Caldari Prime.

“We once again see the imperialism of the Gallente in full force,” Heth said. “They are never able to admit to error and believe their own systems to be eminently superior to any others. If Foiritan was lying on death's door, the Federation would not stop at mere requests he be returned to their care. We've already seen what they will do when they do not have what they want. They're willing to steal a planet from a people not once, but twice!

“They call the Amarr evil, yet they perpetrate the same acts again," the Executor continued. “Is this what the Minmatar people want? Is this who the megacorps should be in bed with, cutting deals with? What happens when a Caldari on our planet lies sick in one of the Gallente districts? Would the Federation allow us to bring them to our own hospitals for treatment?

“This is more evidence that the Gallente Federation is corrupt and broken. From the moment they were created, when they forced the unwilling Caldari people to take part, the inevitable rot set in. We Caldari have seen it for centuries, but they deceived the Minmatar. Now they are beginning to see what we have known for generations. The Federation cannot be trusted. They shall always force their views on others, no matter what.

“These are the people Ishukone and Sukuuvestaa willingly negotiate with. These imperialists will steal and grind us down until we are nothing more than cultural slaves to them, as the Intaki and Mannar and Jin-Mei are. They will grind down the Minmatar people if they are allowed. But I will not let them do the same to the Caldari. Others may willingly give up their ideals, but I shall not. I shall stand against the Gallente no matter what.”

Witnesses have described Heth as “animated” and “furious” during the speech. Once it had concluded, he appeared “exhausted” and “notably sluggish” as he exited to applause and cheers from the Provists, many of whom had been specially selected to be in attendance because of their previous “loyalty and quality of service.”