Tibus Heth angrily denounces Caldari Prime DMZ, blasts Ishukone and SuVee participation

By CCP Falcon

NEW CALDARI State Executor Tibus Heth delivered a fiery speech to Kaalakiota workers this morning, calling the agreement between the CEP and Federation to turn Caldari Prime into a demilitarized zone “an appeasement that solves nothing and keeps billions of Caldari imprisoned for future generations.” He also questioned the actions of Ishukone and Sukuuvestaa in providing aid to the planet “at the cost of recovering it for those it belongs to.”

“So shortly after the Shiigeru crashed, we had supposedly loyal Caldari jumping to get into bed with the Gallente,” Heth said during the speech. “We should have taken the opportunity to rally and retake our planet and place a new shield in orbit around it. Instead, Ishukone and the other members of the Chief Executive Panel allowed the Gallente to have their way and signed away our homeworld. We had retaken what was ours and in the course of a few hours, we simply gave it away. This is unacceptable.”

The speech, which continued for roughly fifteen minutes, was frequently punctuated by pained expressions from Heth. However, while his staff at one point approached in an apparent attempt to escort him off stage, Heth waved them away and continued the speech even more animated than he was prior. “The Federation admitted they could not win the war on the ground. The mettle of loyal Caldari was too much for them. We were holding the ground and pushing them back. Though they destroyed the Shiigeru, we still held the orbital defenses and could have turned away their attacks."

“In time, we would have wiped the Gallente insurgents off the planet and stood victorious once again. But rather than devoting their resources to reinforcing our troops, Ishukone, Sukuuvestaa, and their ilk instead decided to roll over and give our homeworld away. Rather than fight a war, they'd rather give supplies to the Gallente. And make no mistake, those 'aid' packages are being delivered to our enemy as often as, and perhaps even more than, our own people.”