The Scope – Capsuleer War and Caldari Union Day

By Alton Haveri

The Scope Reports on Capsuleer Coalition Warfare and Caldari Union Day YC123

In Other News

  • Caldari Chief Executive Panel Begins State Industrial Planning Summit Ahead of Caldari State Workers Union Day
  • Angel Cartel Implicated in Attack on Intara Direct Action Security Compound on Oijanen II
  • Reformist and Radical Unofficial Caldari Workers Groups Split on Strategy Over Response to CEP Unity Calls
  • Capsuleer Coalitions Warfare Continues as Anti-Imperium Forces Lose More Citadels to Counter-Offensives
  • Caldari Corporate Security Training Games to be Held on Kassigainen II in Extreme Environment Warfare Competition
  • House Sarum Construction of Fortified Bases on Second, Third and Fifth Planets of Floseswin Completed
  • Official Workers Organizations of Big 8 Megacorps Invited to Submit Reform Proposals to CEP
  • Caldari Navy Authorizes New Procurements of Equipment for Use by Caldari Resistance in Pochven Systems
  • Protests on Intaki Prime as Federal Marines Enforce Compulsory Land Purchases for Further Planetary Defense Construction
  • Caldari State Diplomatic Contacts with Triglavian Collective at Proving Grounds Alleged by Radical Workers Groups
  • Sukuuvestaa Corporation Begins Reconstruction Work at Landfall City CEP HQ Spire on New Caldari Prime
  • Blockade of Floseswin IV by House Sarum Forces Enters Fifth Month as Besieged Minmatar Forces Fend Off Raids
  • Ishukone Corporation Confirms Combine TNR Consortium Project to Construct AIR Laboratories Stations on Track
  • Brave Keepstar in PZMA-E Destroyed by Imperium and Allied Forces as Fighting in Impass Region Continues
  • Caldari State Workers Union Announces Increased Budget for Inter-Corporation Worker Solidarity Trips
  • Civilian Passenger Traffic Out of Klogori System Increased by Over Five Times as Fears of Amarr Invasion Grip Population
  • Republic Security Services Signs Intelligence Sharing Agreement with Sukuuvestaa's Peace and Order Unit
  • Caldari Protectorate Continue to Press Fliet as FDU Forces Continue to Resist from Last Systems Under Gallente Control
  • The Initiative Capsuleer Alliance Destroy Y-2ANO Fortizar in Scorched Earth Move
  • Pirate Activity and Minmatar Resistance Hamper House Ardishapur Efforts at Building Bases in Occupied Hed Constellation
  • Quafe Corporation Defends Involvement in PKN Interstellar Consortium as Senate Investigation into Warzone Activities Continues
  • Caldari House of Records Refuses to Comment on CONCORD Whistleblower Claims of Involvement in EDENCOM Diplomacy with Triglavians
  • Intaki Space Police Demands Gallente Federal Intelligence Office Share Information on Recent Terrorist Outrages in Syndicate, Placid and Solitude