The BHAstion

By ISD Lunaire Elois

Genesis - Moon mining, the process of extracting the minerals of a nearby moon, is one of the most lucrative and profitable operations an aspiring corporation or alliance can attempt. The minerals extracted from these moons have a great variety of industrial uses and require one to place a tower in a moon's orbit in order to extract this resource. With so many requirements, moon minerals have become very valuable on the market but none are as valuable as the extremely rare minerals known as "R64s".

Approximately four months ago, the Bleak Horizon Alliance discovered the second moon orbiting Hesarid IV, a moon rich in the mineral Prometheum. Promethium is a rare compound used in the production of Tech 2 ships and modules. The precious moon was discovered by BHA shortly after they moved into the area, though at the time they deemed themselves too weak to attempt to take the moon for themselves. Eventually feeling confident enough in themselves, the band of relatively rookie pilots decided to try and take the moon. Though a defence fleet of the previous occupant attempted to enter the system by way of cynosural field, BHA was able to kill the generator before much of a threat made its way through. The next four months of this tower's life would be arduous and bloody.

Though deployed to the Catch region to assist their allies in the HERO coalition, BHA would find themselves working their way back to Hesarid almost weekly to defend the tower. 'The BHAstion', as the tower was named contributed a large percentage of resources to the alliance's Ship Replacement Program and allowed many new pilots within the organization to pilot ships they could not otherwise afford to lose.

Naturally, local pirates took an interest in the holding. Psychotic Tendencies. (TISHU) in particular set their sights on the BHAstion. At the first attempt to take the tower, the BHA requested help from Shadow Cartel, a deadly band of pirates from the Essence region, who came through a wormhole in a Strategic Cruiser fleet and put a stop to the siege. About a week later, TISHU returned to the BHAstion and put it into reinforced mode. Finding the R64 to be far too much to handle, BHA decided they would let the tower fall. However, as a final act of defiance they announced and invited everyone who wanted a shot at the moon to come and take it. Though there was concern that many major power blocks would show up to the fight, only the Brave Collective, Bombers Bar and Spectre fleet made an appearance.

"This shows that even the little guys in New Eden with no real experience can take a slice of the pie" Said the CEO of Bleak Horizon "this POS will be missed not for the ISK, but for the chances it has given us...I just hope this moon one day helps out a fledgling alliance like ours."

Despite a valiant defense, the BHAstion would finally fall to Psychotic Tendencies, who conquered and claimed the moon as their own.