State Peacekeepers Confirm Myrskaa Cleanup Status As Megacorporations Bid For Reconstruction Contract

By Yasda Hadoka

OIJANEN - The State Peacekeepers have confirmed the status of the ongoing cleanup in the city of Myrskaa this afternoon, in a statement that sheds light on the process and gives further details on the massive logistical effort currently taking place on Oijanen II.

During a press conference hosted at 13:00 NEST Today, Brigadier General Varanori Ruukin, Executive Officer of the State Peacekeepers, confirmed that "more than three quarters of the survivors of the Kyonoke outbreak within the Myrskaa Metropolitan area have now been screened and evacuated, thanks to the efficient efforts of the men and women of the State Armed Forces, and the diligent work of both Zainou and Ishukone staff.

"Thankfully, several key pieces of transport infrastructure have remained in place, allowing the mass medivac of a little over eighteen million in seven days. Working around the clock, a combined force of Home Guard, State Peacekeeper, Ishukone Watch and Peace and Order Unit personnel have utilized a combination of airlift evacuations, along with all three lines of the MARTN system that link the city of Myrskaa with the Ruusaka District megalopolis, which lies two thousands kilometers to the south."

Speaking from the operational headquarters of the State Peacekeepers, which lie just a hundred kilometers from the quarantine nanodomes that still prevent unauthorized access to the city, General Ruukin confirmed that a "large pre-fabricated settlement" is already nearing completion on the west side of Ruusaka, which already boasts a population of more than two hundred million, and that "Ruusaka's infrastructure and services are more than capable of handling a population influx of this magnitude."

At this time there has been no further comment on a date for completion of the cleanup operation and subsequent destruction of the city, however it has been confirmed by the Myrskaa Metropolitan Corporation that tenders for the contract to reconstruct the city have already been received by several megacorporations, with Sukuuvesta and Caldari Constructions currently the two front runners vying for a lucrative contract that sees the value of salvage rights alone estimated close to a trillion interstellar kredits.