SOE Splinter Group Claims Timebase Mission a Cover for CONCORD Black Ops Anti-Drifter Experiment

By Ret Gloriaxx

YULAI – Claiming a conspiracy to carry out a bizarre experiment in public spacelanes, the Sisters of EVE splinter group 'Pharos of Thera' has been in exclusive contact with the Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx.

Speaking to Ret Gloriaxx, Pharos of Thera spokesperson Jora Alexis claimed that a covert unit of CONCORD's SARO "Black Ops division" orchestrated a complex plan to entice Drifters into a situation where "advanced anti-Drifter counter-measures could be deployed."

"The story that this was a simple timebase measuring mission is just a cover for the real plan involving covert assets from SARO and probably even Algintal Core, who after all were also there in force," said Jora Alexis.

 "Ever since the disappearance of Taya Akira during this Rogue Swarm Alert, we've been seeing even more signs of experimental operations carried out by the DED and especially the SARO," said Alexis. The former Sisters of EVE scientist Taya Akira is the presumed leader of Pharos of Thera, while the Special Affairs for Regulations & Order (SARO) unit is known to be the DED's elite operators group.

Jora Alexis claims that SARO has expanded over the last ten years into a covert intelligence and "black ops" section within CONCORD. As the Pharos of Thera spokesperson put it: "They specialize in developing advanced weapons from ancient technology, eliminating AI researchers and sabotaging scientific enquiry that might threaten CONCORD's world order. We're certain they are behind the disappearance of Taya Akira."

When pressed, Jora Alexis could offer no evidence to back up the Pharos of Thera group's claims. A DED official described the claims as "conspiracy theory ravings not worth the time of any professional journalist." CONCORD Aerospace, Project Discovery and Algintal Core all declined to comment on the matter. Needless to say, the Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx will continue to pursue any leads related to this story.

Meanwhile, the DED has declared an end to its Rogue Swarm Alert after over five weeks of counter-rogue drone operations by both CONCORD and capsuleer freelancers working to fulfil contracts issued through the Agency. The DED admitted that they have "noted the unusual and increased length of time of this Rogue Swarm outbreak" but they reassure the public that "research and development of new methods of anticipating, and countering, rogue swarms is ongoing."