Sisters of EVE "Wormhole Colony Lost"; Sanctuary Scientist Goes Public

By CCP Delegate Zero

BREAKING NEWS – In a new development that may be related to the superluminal anomaly known as "Caroline's Star", a scientist with the Sisters of EVE research organization known as the Sanctuary has claimed that contact with a Sisters of EVE colony deep in wormhole space has been lost since the appearance of the mysterious anomaly.

Sister Taya Akira has revealed to the Scope – in what she freely admits is a breach of her oath of obedience to the Sisters of EVE – that several years ago the Sanctuary established a large multiple station colony in a hitherto unknown star system only accessible using wormhole exploration technology developed by the Sisters of EVE. Sister Taya has claimed that this system was named "Thera" and she was until recently working as a research scientist at a Sanctuary facility in the system.

Sister Taya has further claimed that the appearance of Caroline's Star coincided with a loss of contact between Sanctuary headquarters in X-7OMU and the colony in the Thera system. She states that she has decided to break her oath and speak out due to a refusal on the part of the SOE leadership to mount a large-scale effort to re-establish contact with the colony. Sister Taya believes, for reasons she has refused to specify, that the colony may be in great danger and that rescue operations are required. Her most urgent appeal is "for capsuleers to co-ordinate and co-operate in the search for Thera and our lost colleagues".

The Scope reached out to the Sisters of EVE and the Sanctuary for comment on this story but all regular SOE contacts have declined that offer.