Sisters of EVE release sleeper research findings

By CCP Falcon

X-7OMU – In a research report released this evening, the Servant Sisters of EVE noted an unusual increase in Sleeper activity in recent weeks, and a number of key changes in the behavioral profiles of various classes of sleeper vessel.

Speaking from the headquarters of The Sanctuary in a press conference that accompanied the release of the paper, Sister Anza Sagera of the Aulari Chapter expanded on the report’s findings, saying “while we remain unsure of the exact cause of the change in behavior, we are confident that we can accurately predict the new patterns of action that we are witnessing and do not believe that the changes in activity represent an elevated threat to any sovereign borders.”

After transmitting a detailed breakdown of the report to the Directive Enforcement Department this evening, The Sanctuary also confirmed that Arve Vesren, Director of Operations for the DED has called a meeting with the Inner Circle to discuss the findings further.

When approached for comment, Vesren offered only her assurance that “the DED and Inner Circle will be studying this report in great detail, before providing our recommendations to various law enforcement agencies and navies in the coming days.”