Siege of Haatomo enters day 2

By CCP Eterne

Haatomo – Officials have confirmed that the group who has taken control of Haatomo VII – Moon 3 Caldari Contructions Warehouse, led by State Executor Tibus Heth, had planned on using the station as a staging area for an invasion of Caldari Prime. The Caldari Navy has issued a statement saying the situation has now been “contained”, as warships belonging to it and the security forces of all eight megacorporations continue to stand by, while marines and security personnel have secured the docking facilities.

Non-essential personnel have largely been evacuated from the station, while a skeleton crew has been left to operate basic station services and provide docking rights to capsuleers. The Caldari Navy has sealed off access to every other section of the station as it attempts to negotiate with Heth and his group. The group, which consists of members of the Caldari Providence Directorate and Templis Dragonaurs, has sealed off access to at least three decks by welding shut access points.

Aside from saying the situation is contained, the Caldari Navy has not released any statement on the matter. The Chief Executive Panel has denounced the occupation, saying, “Tibus Heth is acting without the authorization of the Chief Executive Panel and any military action against Caldari Prime is completely unsanctioned. This is being treated as an act of terrorism by the constituent corporations of the Caldari State.”

Several members of the corporate security forces involved in the siege have been less reluctant to talk, though they have done so on the condition of anonymity. One said, “It's crazy in there. They have the whole place on lock down. The station security systems are in their hands. We managed to cut off their access to a few locations, but we're still mostly working in the dark.”

Another added, “We have the situation well in hand. Heth and his boys are locked in tight. If they want to get out, it'll cost them. And as long as their cap ships are docked up, there's no way they can get them out of here. Even if it takes months, they'll eventually be starved out if nothing else.”

One enthusiastic security officer said, “That crazy [expletive] finally snapped. I'm just glad the station workers weren't on board with his plans. Hopefully we get to go in and take him down once and for all real soon.”