Siege of Haatomo continues; Provist intentions unclear

By CCP Falcon

HAATOMO - The situation on board the sieged Caldari Constructions Warehouse in orbit of Haatomo VII - Moon 3 remains largely unchanged this evening after a tense stand-off between Provist forces on board, and Caldari Navy vessels that surrounded the station's docking perimeter at approximately 18:00 EVE Standard Time.

The Caldari Navy strike force, consisting of five Chimera Class carriers and five Phoenix Class dreadnaughts, are rumoured to have briefly docked to release personnel from a number of security megacorporations in an effort to keep the situation on board under control. A two hour stand-off then ensued between the Navy and Provist forces led by State Executor Tibus Heth.

Initial reports suggest that the group, which consists of Provists and members of the Templis Dragonaurs, have sealed off at least three decks of the station completely, welding shut and reinforcing access airlocks and all other means of ingress. Several employees of Caldari Constructions, who were evacuated from the station after unrest broke out, have also given unconfirmed reports that those on board may have access to up to a hundred vessels, many of them capital class.

In the last half hour, forces from the Caldari Navy have withdrawn to an undisclosed location, leaving specialist security personnel on board to keep the situation under control. The Chief Executive Panel has not commented on the situation at this time.