Shiigeru destroyed, Federation Navy offensive in Luminaire still ongoing

By CCP Falcon

BREAKING NEWS – Watched by trillions across the cluster, the Leviathan-class titan Shiigeru, which resided in orbit of Caldari Prime, has been destroyed in a pitched engagement between Federation Navy and Caldari Navy forces.

In their largest offensive action since the end of the Gallente-Caldari war in YC12, the Federation Navy moved to eliminate the threat that has been posed by the titan since it was drafted in to guard the planet and act as a deterrent against counterattack after the YC110 invasion.

Thousands of capsuleers claiming loyalty to both sides of the conflict have flooded into the system of Luminaire after the CONCORD Assembly declared a state of emergency in the wake of the hostilities.

In the midst of a drawn-out engagement, which at time of press has seen the destruction of hundreds of independent capsuleer vessels and the loss of hundreds of thousands of crewmembers, the Shiigeru found herself left with dwindling support and finally succumbed to fire from the Federation Navy and Gallente-loyal capsuleer vessels.

To add to the gravity of the situation, wreckage is reported to be falling on the outskirts of the city of Arcurio, as a burning section of the forward superstructure of the Shiigeru almost seven kilometers in length has already begun to enter Caldari Prime’s atmosphere.

Transmissions from the surface, with which communication was only reestablished in the last 30 minutes, would indicate that a massive evacuation of the west side of the greater Arcurio area is in progress, while ground combat is still ongoing in a number of districts. Projected trajectory analysis indicates that the wreckage may make impact to the west of the city.

Vlan Peloelus, a quantum physicist and starship designer for Roden Shipyards who also serves as a technical consultant to The Scope, carefully analyzed the final moments of the Shiigeru with the media.  Among other things, he indicated that “her destruction was more than likely caused by a catastrophic failure of the magnetic containment field used to isolate the core of her secondary reactor. This in turn probably caused thermal overload and eventual meltdown.” He continued by explaining that “this is also more than likely why she broke up in the manner that she did, and would explain why her aft-decks, which mainly contain engineering subsystems, were completely destroyed.”

Meanwhile, in orbit, the battle for Caldari Prime continues to rage, with the heavily damaged Federation Navy fleet continuing to keep pressure on the remaining Caldari vessels.