Several Theology Council Justices Declared Missing; Families Plea for Help

By Svarthol
Avair - Several Theology Council members, among them Lords Falek Grange, Aulus Gord, and Victor Eliade, have been declared missing by relatives and close associates. All three were last seen departing a Council meeting earlier this week, and have not been seen or heard from since. Family members have issued an urgent request for anyone with knowledge of their whereabouts to come forward, and have offered a 5 million ISK reward for information leading to their direct recovery.

Heavy police activity is currently underway at the Council's headquarters in Avair and several other locations known to be frequented by the missing individuals. Access to personal offices and staff residences of the councilmen has been restricted, as Imperial Paladins at each of the sites are forcibly denying access by reporters and stating only that an official announcement from the Court Chamberlain is forthcoming.

In addition, numerous large patrols of Imperial Navy warships were recently spotted at the Sakht border system, in the Aridia Region of the Amarr Empire. It is unknown whether the increased military activity is indicative of a large-scale manhunt, or part of an unrelated operation. The office of the Imperial Chancellor refused to comment, citing operational security issues.

The justices, all highly trained capsuleers, were once vocal Reformists, calling for the Succession Trials to be eliminated in favor of a rotating cycle of rule for each of the chosen Heirs. After numerous clashes with Conformists, various royal ministries, and the Court Chamberlain himself, the men have lowered their profiles considerably in recent years.

Lord Falek Grange is best known for having served in the late Jamyl Sarum's royal court; both Lord Aulus Gord and Lord Victor Eliade are former Commanders in the Imperial Navy. Each is said to control vast estate holdings on several Amarr worlds.