Senate to hold a vote of no confidence on the president!

By Svarthol
Sensational news from the Federation Senate yet again, as Mentas Blaque has managed to have the Senate hold a vote of no confidence on president Foiritan. The vote is scheduled for later this week and if it passes then Foiritan will be forced out of office and presidential elections held at the earliest opportunity. As two thirds of the Senators need to vote against the president, Foiritan still has some hope of passing this unscathed. Indeed, if he does so he will emerge stronger for having fended of such a serious attempt to remove him from power.

The vote is the result of the political backlash the president is feeling after pushing through constitutional changes allowing him to rerun for the presidency. His intention was to run again once his current five year term runs out in two years time, but with the way things are going for him he may be forced to call upon the new constitutional amendment sooner than expected.