Senate repercussions anticipated in the wake of election results

By Svarthol
This week has seen several stormy sessions in the Federation Senate, where the Sociocrats, egged on by their leader Mentas Blaque, take turns blasting Foiritan and his comrades in the Senate. Blaque is sensing the faltering resolve of many Senators hitherto considered staunch supporters of the president. It is widely known Foiritan applied extreme pressure on several Senators in an attempt to get his referendum on constitutional changes pushed through the Senate awhile ago. Now the time of reckoning may be at hand, where those same Senators may abandon Foiritan to get back at him.

It is understood that Foiritan has hastened his return from his vacation to try and patch things up with the Senators he so rudely toe-trod on. Whether he manages this is hard to say, the Senate is in an uproar, but one can never underrate the charismatic Foiritan.