Scope Network Ownership Formally Divests Capsuleer Job Brokering Business

By Celene Duponte

ORVOLLE – The Scope Network has announced the formal divestment of its capsuleer job brokering business, as part of a restructuring aimed at focusing on the news and entertainment side of its business, while complying with Gallente Federation and SCC regulations. It is understood that the move was personally ordered by Lous Chavol, founder of the Scope Network and trillionaire owner of Semiotique Superluminal, the Federation's largest FTL communications backbone provider.

Reports of the Scope Network's move to refocus on its news and media mission surfaced as trading activity on the Luminaire Technology Interests Exchange suggested that Semiotique Superluminal was seeking buyers for the job brokerage framework it built using its access to the SCC's GalNet. The SCC has reportedly authorized transfer of the necessary licenses and protocol rights to the new owners of the job brokerage business.

While the details of the deal remain confidential, insiders at Semiotique Superluminal and the Scope Network have informed Impetus Interstellar News that a consortium of mercenary contracting businesses was among the top bidders for the brokerage business and technology. One source, speaking to Impetus reporters via an encrypted identity-masking hologram, provided documents indicating that this consortium includes the Ostrakon Agency and Intara Direct Action private military contracting corporations.

Other reports indicate the job brokerage business will relaunch under the branding of 'The Agency' but it is as yet unclear what kinds of work will be offered by the new network.