SCC set to increase prices on sleeper components

By CCP Falcon

YULAI - In a press release issued just moments ago, the Secure Commerce Commission released details of a planned increase in authorized payments for Sleeper-related components.

A number of types of recovered components from wreckage of Sleeper vessels have been reclassified as potentially hazardous or dangerous, after discussion during a meeting of representatives from the Directive Enforcement Department and CONCORD’s Inner Circle earlier today.

During the release, Rayla Netho, Chief Financial Officer for the SCC, expanded on the reasoning for the reclassification, saying "we have been made aware that some of these components may contain potentially toxic or hazardous materials, and would prefer that they are sold to the proper authorities in order that they be disposed of correctly without posing a potential risk to the health or wellbeing of anyone who handles them. As such we will be offering premium prices, alongside licensed buyers, in order to reward those who bring hardware to authorized corporations for proper disposal."

In addition to this statement, Scope News was able to speak briefly with DED Director of Operations, Arve Vesren, who expanded further on the topic, claiming that "some of the hardware we have been able to analyze presents a potential safety risk to those who may handle or attempt to reverse engineer it. As such we advise against tampering with this equipment, and instead recommend handing to the proper authorities for correct disposal."

When asked for further information, Director Vesren declined to comment further. The Inner Circle was also unavailable for comment when contacted this afternoon.