SCC Relaxes Regulations on Quantum Entangled Helium Trading

By Lina Ambre

YULAI – The Secure Commerce Commission has issued its final notice that trading in quantum-entangled 4-Helium (QE 4-He) will be relaxed when trading resumes later today. The Kimotoro Stock Exchange is preparing for a brisk trade in the newly-authorized QE 4-He chips centered on the capsuleer market in the Jita system.

Sold under the prestigious PLEX standard for almost a decade, QE 4-He chips have undergone several waves of improvement and enhancement of the underlying containment technology. In particular, containment technology now allows for much more precise amounts of QE 4-He to be stored in a miniaturized chip format.

"The old PLEX standard served the SCC and the interstellar markets well for a very long time but the need to represent the relatively large amounts that previous containment technology could stabilize has long been redundant," commented Jonas Skarllak of the SCC's Fungible Commodities Regulation Board. "What we have here is the financial instruments catching up with the new technological reality, with the new opportunities of the Alpha clone technology providing the basic impetus."

"A very similar thing happened decades ago with the Minmatar Uranium-Backed Quantum. Instead of the UBQ representing barrels of enriched uranium, it was relisted to account for the increasing use of uranium in a variety of discrete technologies in the Republic."

FCR Board Member Skarllak concluded, "Now that we have reached empire-wide agreement, the relaxation of regulations and relisting of the PLEX standard can go forward to everyone's benefit."