Revival of Shathol'Syn Ritual Confirmed as Tetrimon Order Given "Integrity of Succession" Role

By Zara Serir

Amarr Prime – The Imperial Succession Committee has announced that the ritual of Shathol'Syn will be revived in full for the YC118 Succession to the Throne of the Amarr Empire. Suspended at the time of Empress Jamyl I's succession, the Shathol'Syn ritual calls for the honorable suicide of unsuccessful Royal Heirs following the election of a new Emperor. Until today, there had been some question as to the rituals to be observed following the final victory and selection of a new Emperor.

The Imperial Succession Committee's statement has made it clear that the ritual will be carried out only after the final victory of a Royal Heir's Champion, this being the actual moment when the "final will of the Divine makes itself known". As the schedule of the Trials of the Champions stretches over some months, with several of the Royal Heirs eliminated from the running before the end of YC117, the Succession Committee has announced that the Royal Heirs will be sequestered once the Trials begin.

In light of this, the Order of St. Tetrimon has been designated as responsible for ensuring the security of the sequestration, playing a key role in maintaining the "integrity of the succession". The Tetrimon Order has been in exile in the Khanid Kingdom for many years and the announcement was accompanied by a joint order of the Privy and Theology Councils lifting the "edict of suppression" that has been in force since YC108.

Following the announcement, Court Chamberlain Pomik Haromi called on the Royal Houses to "provide for their own successions and nominate their Royal Heirs-elect as swiftly as is possible."




[OOC] Read the chronicle Testament for background related to this Game World News.