Revelations, Server Performance Issues, Bugs and You

By Svarthol
Last night was amazing for a lot of reasons. The biggest release to date was deployed, we had a stable build we were happy with and we were able to deploy a lot of fixes and improvements to client and server performance.

Then, the size of the Tranquility cluster strikes once again, issues that crop up only when you have 15.000 pilots hammering our 150 server nodes. These are low-level issues which we have the whole server team working on and we're deploying server hotfixes in every downtime to fix these issues.

Additionally, we have a client patch release on Tuesday the 5th, which already has a lot of fixes to less severe client and server issues, but we need your assistance to make sure we're made aware of all issues you encounter. We encourage you to submit bug reports of what you encounter or reply to the deployment feedback thread in the EVE Information Portal forum.

So while we're ecstatic that Revelations is out, with new features and lots of optimizations and fixes, these low-level issues are our main concern. They will be addressed. Thank you all for hanging in there with us, it's because of pilots like you that the EVE exists today.

UPDATE: 29 November @ 1430 GMT

There is a known issue causing crashes with Dual Processor PC's. When warping to jump gates there is a chance that a CTD will occur. This is caused by a problem with Directx. In order to minimise the chance of this problem occurring please do the following:

  • Set the exefile.exe process affinity in Windows Task Manager to a single cpu.
  • Do not run with the client minimised and on autopilot.
These steps will not eliminate the chance of the crash occurring, but will minimise it. We are working finding a solution to this problem, but we have no ETA at this time.