Revelations Patch, Tuesday 5 December, from 1100 to 1500 GMT, UPDATED 5 December @ 0040 GMT

By Svarthol
Tranquility will undergo an extended downtime on Tuesday, 5 December from 1100 to 1500 GMT. During this time, a patch will be applied to Revelations including a number of fixes and improvements necessary after its initial deployment.

Patch Notes are now available. Some updates will be made to the notes over the weekend as more fixes and improvements check through the QA process, these updates will be highlighted in green text. Notification of updates will be made in this announcement and this forum discussion post.

You are encouraged to read the Revelations Patch Notes for the list of changes and improvements already in place.

Update: A major update of the Patch Notes was been made on 4 December at 1630 GMT. Minor additions were made at 1800 GMT and 0400 GMT on 5 December.