Results just in for elections. Foiritan prevails!

By Svarthol
Official results have finally been announced in the Federation elections that ended yesterday. President Foiritan's controversial referendum on constitutional changes was accepted by the people, despite continuous unofficial polls claiming otherwise. A spokesman for the president spoke briefly to the press a few moments ago, saying that the president was relieved and very grateful to the citizens of the Federation for their support. The spokesman said the president had gone on a much needed vacation once the election ended yesterday, after having toured the Federation non-stop for two weeks, and could not be reached. Leaders of the Senate, who opposed the president's bill, are still to comment on the results.

The election turnout was rather good, with about 30% of registered voters casting their vote. Though exact numbers are still to be released it is believed that the vote was extremely close, with less than 2% separating those who voted yes and those who voted no. More information tomorrow.