Republic denies Senate request to join Midular funeral procession

By CCP Eterne

Pator – The Minmatar Tribal Council has turned down a request from the Gallente Senate to allow an official Senatorial delegation to join in the funeral procession of Karin Midular. Midular, known as the Ray of Matar, is scheduled to be removed from the Grand Caravanserai and laid to rest according to Sebiestor customs on the 4th.

The Senate had made the request a week ago via private channels, according to a source. “The request was made in completely good faith. Relations with the Minmatar have obviously been strained during this entire ordeal. The Senate just wanted to remind the Republic that, despite the brief flaring of tempers, we remain friends.”

However, the statement released by the Tribal Council said, “The funeral of Karin Midular will not be turned into political spectacle. We will not prevent anyone from attending the procession, but to afford special status to a group of foreign dignitaries during the final farewell to our Ray of Matar would be disrespectful.”

According to the Senatorial source, “No special accommodations were requested,” but added that the Senate “has no plans to press the issue.”