Reports of unrest among Kaalakiota factory workers

By CCP Eterne

Nonni – Low-level factory workers for Kaalakiota Corporation have begun organizing demonstrations against a variety of issues. Originally starting as a number of different groups of unhappy workers with different concerns, the demonstrators came together to “better voice our concerns to the CEP and our Executor.”

According to Emo Paro, a spokesperson for the demonstrators, the workers have two primary objections. “First, the actions of the CPD are reflecting poorly on Kaalakiota, which has driven down share prices. While our stock options may not amount to much compared to the executives' and CEOs', it's an important thing for those of us who work the lines. The dividends from them can be the difference between retirement and working until we die.

“Second, when Executor Heth came into power, he implemented a number of reforms that were supposed to help us workers out. But half of them haven't made a difference and the other half are being ignored completely. We know he's a busy man, so he probably doesn't even know what's going on. We've tried to tell him, but our voices have been stymied by middle management who doesn't want things to change.”

For the moment, demonstrations are mainly taking place on Kaalakioata Corporation Factories across the State. However, Paro indicated that if there is no response soon, the workers may mobilize to take their concerns directly to Executor Tibus Heth and the Chief Executive Panel.

Neither Tibus Heth, other Kaalakiota executives, nor the CEP were available for comment.