REPORT: Wreckage of Heth’s escort found in Aivonen

By CCP Eterne

Aivonen – The Caldari Navy has recovered the wreckage of the fugitive fleet believed to have been escorting Tibus Heth in Aivonen early this morning. The wrecks were devoid of bodies despite numerous unused escape pods and signs of a prolonged struggle and firefight.

According to the Navy’s report, it appears the ships were attacked with energy weapons and boarded. What happened after that is unknown, as the ship computers were destroyed by an EM pulse which appears to have been powerful and artificial. Numerous personal effects confirmed to belong to high-ranking members of the Provists have been recovered from the wreckage, including a Caldari Constructions pocket watch reportedly prized by Tibus Heth in the wreck of a Raven Navy Issue. Fresh blood samples recovered from the watch match those of Tibus Heth.

Navy officials have not yet officially speculated on the nature of the attack, nor the disposition of Heth. They have claimed the attack was not conducted by the Caldari Navy or any known associates. Caldari State authorities continue to treat Heth as a live fugitive.