Quarantine Situation Escalates – Freedom Extension Orbital Platform Isolated.

By Alton Haveri

MUTTOKON – The Scope News Network has learned that the situation in orbit of Muttokon II has escalated further this afternoon, after Freedom Extension was ordered to untether the orbital platform of their space elevator that serves the planet.

Sources within the corporation have confirmed that the order was issued to the Molden Heath Regional Director of Operations for Freedom Extension by Valkear General Heder Elislar of the Republic Fleet’s Pator Command early this morning.

The low orbit platform, which serves as both a shipping platform for freight, and as a transit hub for traffic to the surface, is believed to still be populated by more than nine hundred thousand people who have been placed in “indefinite quarantine” by the Republic Security Services.

The Matari administration has remained silent on the reasoning for the detainment of almost a million individuals who range from maintenance personnel, to transport pilots, tourists and commuters, however the Republic Security Services released a confirmation earlier today that the severity of the situation has been upgraded from a “Class D Localized Containment Event” to a “Class A Full Closure Quarantine Operation”.

Sources within Freedom Extension have confirmed that the platform’s services have been cut off from the surface, and that emergency separation charges were fired roughly two hours ago to sever the physical connection with the elevator’s base station, leaving it drifting in orbit.