Provists routed in Mastakomo

By CCP Eterne

Mastakomo - A force of roughly 300 capsuleers captured and killed Saara Humo and Tuohmirasen Oittakko, two of the Provist renegades who stole Chimera-class carriers from the Caldari Navy. The firefight, which took roughly 35 minutes and occured around the stargate to Uchoshi, saw the destruction of dozens of capsuleer ships as they strove to take down the wanted forces. Four additional Scorpion Navy Issues, also piloted by Provist members, were destroyed in the fighting as well.

The Caldari Navy is declaring the operation a complete success. "The rapid response of the capsuleers has been outstanding," said Wing Commander Hikemi Korrado. "They were able to coordinate well and, despite the presence of two carriers in a logistics chain, were able to neutralize the carriers' capacitor enough to quickly break their tanks."

Oittakko was finished off by IZWZI Krividus, with top damage being claimed by Maddord, and the capsule falling to Krimsy. Top battleship damage was claimed by Ckolonn, top battlecruiser damage was scored by Ylem, top cruiser damage was claimed by Terrestria Redsteel, top destroyer was Alyx Lightman, and top frigate was Rainbow Dash. Humo was destroyed by David Dangerfield, while Korthan dealt the most damage, and Mazica Airuta destroyed his pod. Top battleship damage was dealt by Dania Arneth, top battlecruiser damage was claimed by hunter1230, top cruiser damage was delivered by Sebastian Melmoth, top destroyer was Sienna Vanjarc, and top frigate was Ybivashka.