Provist remnants slaughtered in Usi

By CCP Eterne

Usi - Seven Provist Chimeras and one Wyvern were destroyed in Usi by a force of over 1000 capsuleers. The Wyvern, piloted by Kossen Jaikka, was destroyed after a little over an hour of fighting. The Caldari Navy has confirmed kills on all members of the renegade 'Octopus' Squadron members who had absconded with the capital ships, bringing an end to the massive manhunt which has captured attention over the past week.

The battle seemed to favor the Provist forces at the beginning, as even several hundred capsuleers were unable to overwhelm the remote shield boosting capabilities of the capital ships. Numerous ships were lost to the drones and fighters deployed by the Provists. However, eventually capsuleer forces reached a critical mass where they were able to overwhelm even the repair capabilities of the carriers. One by one, the carriers began to fall, and as their remote assistance capabilities diminished, so too did the ability for the Provists to mount any sort of defense. Though stray ships continued to be picked off by drones and fighters, the Wyvern fell to sustained fire.

"The operation was a major success," said Wing Commander Hikemi Korrado. "Though we had issues with capsuleers defending the Provists in past engagements, in this one we were lucky... It seems their criminal allies in Pandemic Legion were unable to enter Usi in force due to CONCORD restrictions."

Despite Korrado's praise, a group of unaffiliated capsuleers calling themselves "Spectre Fleet" attempted to offer aide to the Provists, but it ultimately proved futile in the chaotic fighting.

The bounties will be paid out on the 23rd, pending final confirmation from Caldari Navy officials. Currently, the tally for this final engagement stands as follows:

Kossen Jaikka

Final Blow (ship): FallenTitan
Final Blow (pod): Konata' Izumi
Top Damage: Seliah Aldard
Top Battleship: Crynsos Cealion
Top Battlecruiser: Bussinka
Top Cruiser: Risus Sardonicus
Top Destroyer: Cthu Xadi
Top Frigate: Prohan

Kekamaa Togenurii

Final Blow (ship): Akrasjel Lanate
Final Blow (pod): Y'talana Ktra'a
Top Damage: Cultural Enrichment
Top Battleship: Thiiluna
Top Battlecruiser: Gorski Car
Top Cruiser: Alia Zarahatha
Top Destroyer: Aehrel Veelar
Top Frigate: Rainbow Dash

Hyn Soila

Final Blow (ship): Phoenus
Final Blow (pod): Krimsy
Top Damage: D'rall
Top Battleship: Phoenus
Top Battlecruiser: Isis Taint
Top Cruiser: Icaros Kalessin
Top Destroyer: Dust Angel
Top Frigate: Ylem

Sajila Halmon

Final Blow (ship): Andre Crow
Final Blow (pod): Tristiana Egivand
Top Damage: Kazaric
Top Battleship: Jandice Ymladris
Top Battlecruiser: Isis Taint
Top Cruiser: Modie Elnath
Top Destroyer: Sam EDW
Top Frigate: Faby Rasputin

Arameki Ibuken

Final Blow (ship): Hermes Hestia
Final Blow (pod): Krimsy
Top Damage: Opmas
Top Battleship: Morpheus Bebblebrox
Top Battlecruiser: Myronik
Top Cruiser: Kaizen Aeos
Top Destroyer: ARMORED C0re
Top Frigate: jack1974

Uesharas Pumenen

Final Blow (ship): Belinda HwaFang
Final Blow (pod): Muppet Beldruff
Top Damage: Aletheia Neo
Top Battleship: Dania Arneth
Top Battlecruiser: Loki Tengu
Top Cruiser: Khaprice
Top Destroyer: Chaotic Past
Top Frigate: Bobby Newmark

Ichonen Aroki

Final Blow (ship): JACKHARKNESS23
Final Blow (pod): snowman1
Top Damage: FallenTitan
Top Battleship: Ace Gunnery
Top Battlecruiser: Cannonfodder Ellecon
Top Cruiser: SeNCiNer
Top Destroyer: Bam Stroker
Top Frigate: Khoid

Verkkomi Obanin

Final Blow (ship): Mikail Terona
Final Blow (pod): Krimsy
Top Damage: Agentkidsrule
Top Battleship: Cultural Enrichment
Top Battlecruiser: zerto Gardien
Top Cruiser: Terrestria Redsteel
Top Destroyer: Xenias Gigawatt
Top Frigate: Naverre