Protests Erupt After Harrowing Footage Leaks From Inside Myrskaa Nanodome

By Lina Ambre

NEW CALDARI - State Peacekeepers have been forced to draft in additional troops, after protests erupted on New Caldari Prime, Nonni I, Malkalen V and the Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant, as well as in several other locations across the State earlier today.

The unrest across several of the most populated systems in the State comes after the release of unauthorized footage from within the Myrskaa quarantine zone, which appears to show conditions of extreme squalor, indicating a breakdown in basic services, amenities and law enforcement.

The footage, which is believed to have been recorded by the combat holocam of a State Peacekeeper or Marine, shows streets piled with biohazard containment bags, human effluent and refuse, burned out military and civilian vehicles, ordnance riddled buildings and roads, and a number of burning administrative offices. The most disturbing parts of the footage show evidence of a number of mass graves filled with countless bodies, which appear to have been excavated in parks and public areas across the city.

Narrated by a muffled voice speaking traditional Napanii, the footage also explains that those inside the quarantine zone were cut off from the outside world completely on February 16th, and that there has been no contact or issue of orders from the Caldari administration since the confirmation of the presence of Kyonoke almost a month ago. The unidentified voice also claims that the death toll inside the nanodome has skyrocketed, with more than eight and a half million deaths confirmed since the quarantine lockdown.

The holovideo, which was passed to the Scope anonymously, has sparked outrage among the Caldari people, with an estimated two billion State citizens across The Forge, Lonetrek, and The Citadel engaging in industrial action and refusing to work in protest. These mass protests mark the largest insurrection among Caldari workers in the history of the State, with many of those refusing to work turning out in peaceful pickets, calling for action to resolve the situation on Oijanen II.

On New Caldari Prime one protest turned violent, when a motorcade carrying Home Guard CEO Sunmenas Ikydoishin to a CEP session was pelted with rocks and raw fish. The incident and ensuing riot resulted in more than a thousand arrests, along with the use of tear gas and non-lethal riot control weaponry by State Peacekeepers.

Reports indicate that Ikydoishin was unharmed in the melee, and that the session with the Chief Executive Panel will commence as planned this evening.