Propel Confirms Theft Of New Hull Camouflage System

By Lina Ambre

TAMO – Propel Dynamics has released a statement moments ago to confirm the theft of a new prototype hull-camouflaging system after a late night raid on their corporate factory in Tamo.

Ienashi Hurtoken, CEO of Propel Dynamics, has confirmed that in the raid, which occurred last night and saw only minor injuries sustained by a number of personnel, “a number of key laboratories were raided by an unknown force with the clear intention of both corporate espionage, and the theft of a prototype super kerr induction camouflage system which was due to be demonstrated to shareholders and investors later this week.”

The system, believed at this stage to be derived from the technology that malfunctioned on the impounded Serpentis Corporation vessel [SPC] Seeadler, apparently gives a vessel the ability to change its hull markings and colors in order to mimic other vessels of the same class, or display colors different to that of the standard hull plating beneath by passing low voltage across a reactive skin that covers the vessel’s hull.

Technology analysts from the Scope believe that the intention of Propel Dynamics was to sub-lease the technology for commercial advertising and military adaptive camouflage applications, both of which would have generated “profits in the hundreds of billions per month” for Propel.

Sources within the House of Records have confirmed that Propel Dynamics has lodged a formal case against an as of yet unknown defendant, citing corporate espionage, criminal damage, theft and assault on corporate personnel.

Meanwhile, corporate facilities at the Propel Dynamics factory in Tamo remain in guarded lockdown as reports of the sale of the first “Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoatings” begin to emerge.