Project Discovery Phase One to be Celebrated with Monument at SOE Biological Research Center

By Ret Gloriaxx

Lanngisi, Metropolis Region – The SOE have announced that their planned monument to Project Discovery Phase One will be moved into position outside the Sisters of EVE Bureau in orbit of the second moon of Lanngisi III. The monument has been built into a new biological research center that will operate as an isolated substation of the SOE's facilities in their Lanngisi station.

Sister Latimas of the SOE's Sanctuary research organization said, "We are very happy to be able to mark the vital work of Project Discovery over the period when it provided the backbone of our Drifter tissue analysis through the citizen science research efforts of so many capsuleers. As we have long been planning to establish special biological research facilities here in Lanngisi, where we have carried out so much good work in the field of space medicine, we have taken the opportunity to incorporate a lasting memorial to Project Discovery Phase One."

Sister Latimas would not be drawn on the topic of the transfer of Project Discovery to CONCORD oversight or how the new center and memorial were funded but she remarked that "the SOE is very pleased to see citizen science continue among the capsuleer community and especially on such a vital research area as exoplanet hunting."

The Project Discovery Phase One Monument is expected to be in position tomorrow and will feature an interactive record and database of elite capsuleer research achievement.